Monday, October 27, 2008

Punish me gently.

I have been terribly neglectful of my blog life. I know, things have conspired to make me very neglectful of many things.

Where to start?

I finished up the crazy quilt round robins. Well, my participation at any rate. I do not even belong to any embroidery groups any more. Have not crocheted since my winter trip to the ski resort. I get kind of focused on the interest of the moment. I have just ran my course on reading over all my manuscripts that I have written over the past few years so now it is time to start writing another. I need to work on some quilt and crochet projects, but really need to clean up the work area before I do. In order to clean up the work area I would have to give up my computer time, and my latest obsession of casual gaming, in order to actually clean. get the general idea.

I have also taken on a new home business. I am now selling Avon. Don't know how much I will actually sell, but I have a few people that I know will buy from me often. Who knows, maybe I will actually get myself a little extra income out of it.

For the sunny side of things, my oldest son recently was married.

I am just so proud of them both. The were married on the coast and the weather was just totally awesome. It was a beautiful ceremony in both words and decorations. Simple but so profound. We ended up with quite a bit of family making it as well, which was nice, so was able to see my grand son and oldest daughter.

Guess that is about it, I am heading off to play a few rounds of some game and then go to bed early for a change. Oh yeah, and I have recently become an AVON rep. Ding Dong Avon calling.